Get UV Blocking Window Films Installed to Stay Protected

According to the American Cancer Society, there are more skin cancer cases registered every year as compared to those of lung, colon, breast and prostate combined. The hazards of exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and a tri fold increase in fatal melanoma cases and skin cancers have been highlighted for more than three decades now. However, it is the first time that the US Surgeon General has come out with a public warning against the dangers of UV radiation in his latest Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer.

In a recent interview to the Washington Post, the dermatologist and acting Surgeon General Boris D. Lushniak emphasized on the increasing number of melanoma cases in US alone. He said that melanoma is one of the deadliest forms of skin cancers, with over 9,000 deaths reported out of the 63,000 diagnosed cases annually. Out of these, a majority of victims include young adults and teens. It is therefore a major health issue that demands immediate action on both personal and mass level.

In the report, the Surgeon General urged citizens to take preventive measures when stepping outside, such as wearing sunscreen with the right SPF amount and staying in shade as much as possible. He also emphasized that parents as well as teachers at school should encourage kids on wearing sunscreens and they should be taught about sun safety in the same way as oral hygiene and healthy eating.

While window films that limit the penetration of UV rays inside home or office premises were not mentioned by name in the report, recommendations were proposed that businesses should implement sun protection policies and utilize special equipment or modifications to glass windows particularly in the case of high sun exposure.

The main advantage of using these special window tints is that they are equally feasible for use at homes, offices and vehicles. A good quality film is just like a layer of high quality sun screen that provides you sun protection in the go. Long road trips actually expose you to the same amount of sun as in an hour spent at beach – and ignoring safety measures can have drastic consequences of the safety of your employees and the well being of your family.

Window tinting with specially designed solar control film can reduce the penetration of UV rays up to 99% and also reject solar heat that easily enters via glass to up to 79%. Plus, the benefits of using these socially formulated UV tints don’t just stop at there – they can also reduce your energy consumption charges by maintaining a consistent level of heat inside the building and also protect furnishings, carpeting and flooring against fading caused by sun exposure.

With the rising threat of skin diseases caused by harmful UV rays, it’s essential to keep a check on the degree of sun exposure on a regular basis. In this context, even dermatologists are referring both individuals and businesses to invest in quality UV blocking 3M window films.

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