Join the Q&A on Twitter with the IWFA

People across the US are using National Window Film Day to educate people on the importance of window film. A surprising amount of people don’t know window films are basically essential, not just a luxury.

The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is a non-profit group that came up with the idea for National Window Film Day. State and local governments are picking up on National Window Film day to meet targets for energy efficiency in homes and commercial spaces.The IWFA will be doing a TweetChat on Thursday, April 30 2015 at answering your questions about window films.If you miss the chat, just email us at NuVision. We can answer any questions not covered by the IWFA chat.

Coating your windows is cheap, while leaving them uncoated is expensive in several ways. The unfiltered sun will damage your carpets, walls and furniture, meaning you have to replace or repair them a lot more often. Plus the UV light permitted by uncoated glass is awful for your skin, causing wrinkles and even skin cancer. Melanoma removal surgery isn”t exactly a bargain (neither is getting burgled – and security films make it much harder to break in through a window or glass door).

If you’re in Wisconsin or Illinois, we can install window films for you. Get a quote for installation. You know you should.