Privacy film for windows comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses and it has many benefits. There are several privacy window films that were designed to enhance the appearance of your home or business. The films can have reflective surfaces on one side, a variety of patterns, and they can even provide complete privacy by using the frosted or opaque films designed for privacy.

Privacy film for windows has been used by a number of high-profile celebrities due the film’s ability to control a view into a residence from the outside looking in.

Energy Reduction:

With a high-quality and professionally installed privacy film for windows, you can reduce up to 85 percent of the sun’s heat and reject 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays, reducing your energy bill significantly. Solar control window films from NuVision are designed to keep heat and light from damaging your home’s furnishings.

There are two specific window films to give the best benefits to your home or business: 3M Thinsulate and 3M Daylight Redirecting Film. Thinsulate improves indoor climate control by retaining heat in cold months and keeping it out during warmer weather. Daylight Redirecting Film allows natural sunlight to illuminate the room without the damage from UV.

Perforated Film:

The advantage of using perforated films is that it allows graphics to be printed onto a glass surfaces such as windows. These graphics will be highly visible to people on the outside, but they will appear invisible to individuals on the inside looking out. Perforated window films are frequently referred to as one way vision film’ or see through vinyl,’ and the basic concept between the two is about the same.

One-way Mirror Film:

One-way mirror film is either encased in or coated with a thin, nearly transparent metal coating that’s generally made from aluminum. One-way mirror film is classically set up to appear as an ordinary mirror in a well-lit room. One side of the mirror is kept dark, while the mirrored side is kept bright and well-lit. Individuals on the brightly lit side see their own reflection, while people on the dark side can easily see right through and observe anyone on the other side.

Perforated Film Installation Tips:

In order to ensure that the job gets done properly, most people are better off allowing a professional to install their perforated window films. Installing Perforated Films is entirely different than other types of Privacy film for windows installations due to the film’s perforations. Additionally, Perforated Films installed outdoors will require a laminate, and this may take a professional’s touch. Without a laminate, the perforations in the film will fill with tiny particles of dirt and drastically reduce its visibility, defeating the whole purpose. Contact NuVision Window Films for a free estimate!


Typical applications for Perforated Film and one way mirror film include vehicle windows, retail window displays, exterior office glass, and anywhere you want to display a graphic from one side but not the other. Perforated film is most commonly used on vehicles, although cities such as New York and Las Vegas use it extensively on building wrap windows.

Privacy and energy-reducing window films can be used at residential or commercial properties. Keep energy costs down will protecting your privacy with our expertly installed window films.

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