Get Privacy Window Film for Your Wisconsin Home or Business

Wisconsin WinterKeeping your home warm without going over budget on heating bills is tough, especially in Wisconsin. This winter, improve your home or business with window film from NuVision. Our commercial and residential window films can be applied to any windows to reduce UV light and heat loss.

Stop Winter Sunlight with Daylight Redirecting Film

In Wisconsin and the rest of the Midwest, snow can be blinding when hit by sunlight at the right angles. With the sun setting earlier in the day, it’s harder than ever to enjoy the view without being overwhelmed by harsh sunlight.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film, installed by NuVision, can stop this glare in its tracks. Light from outside is “bent” as it passes through the film, hitting the ceiling instead of your eyes. When used at a commercial location, you’ll see increased productivity as workers are able to enjoy natural lighting for longer. At home, you get all the benefits of natural light without the dangerous glare.

Stay Warm with 3M Thinsulate

Commercial Window FilmWindow film also helps with energy efficiency by keeping warm air inside. Window drafts are one of the main causes of heat loss in homes across the Midwest. Cold air gets in while warm air escapes, leaving you with a colder home no matter how much you crank the heat.

Window film installed by the professionals of NuVision will give you a cozy home or business all winter long. 3M Thinsulate offers Low-E (low emissivity) for better energy savings. Thinsulate acts as a seal on your windows, regulating the temperature for all seasons. This means your home stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Contact the window film experts of NuVision today to winterize your home or business.