3M Window Films Help Businesses Save Money

Every company wants to save money without sacrificing workplace security. Window films installed by NuVision are the affordable solution! We have 3M Safety and Security Window Film, Daylight Redirecting Film, and Thinsulate available to protect your business from every threat imaginable. Whether you want to prevent break-ins or need to stop furniture from fading, NuVision has the right commercial film for your business needs.

Security Film Reduces Break-Ins

If someone forgets to draw the blinds before going home, your office will be exposed to all curious eyes. With 3M tinted window film, you never have to worry about prying eyes. 3M Safety and Security Film is capable of stopping break-ins by slowing down potential thieves. The covered glass will not shatter, deterring crime by making it harder for someone to get in quickly for a “smash and grab”.

Security window film won’t just protect from people; it protects against weather too! Severe storms and wind can kick up debris capable of shattering unprotected glass. Shards of glass in your office can be a hazard for your workers after the storm ends. An exposed window will also let rainwater in which can damage carpets and furniture. Use security film to protect your business by keeping glass intact on your doors and windows.

Sunlight Redirecting Film Shields Furniture and People

Daylight redirecting film and 3M Thinsulate each offer their own benefits to commercial properties. Unprotected windows can allow drafts to enter the building, leading to higher energy costs as your furnace or air conditioner tries to compensate for the temperature changes. Thinsulate goes directly onto windows to stop these drafts by creating a seal on the glass. Temperatures inside will no longer fluctuate as air from outside cannot enter.

Redirecting sunlight with 3M window film allows your building to control how much light enters and where it lands. Keep light from striking employees directly in their eyes without leaving them in darkness during the workday. The more natural light you take advantage of, the greater energy savings you will have.

Improved Office Appearances

Along with providing protection from break-ins, weather, and sunlight, window films installed by NuVision improve the appearance of your property inside and out. Decorative films can include custom graphics to add a personal touch to your business. Show off your logo on your front door or add artistic touches throughout glass anywhere in the building.

Contact NuVision to order decorative or security window film for your commercial property.