Decorative glass is a creative way to remodel your home or business. Etched or frosted windows are incredibly popular for residential and commercial windows, as they allow light in while providing privacy. 3M Fasara window film provides all the benefits of etched and frosted glass without any of the drawbacks. Learn more about the advantages of decorative window film from the experts of NuVision Window Film.

Affordable Alternative to Permanent Glass Decorations

Decorating glass with etching, frosting, or sandblasting is incredibly expensive and time consuming. To sandblast a pattern onto a window pane, the glass usually has to be removed from the frame. This can leave your home or business without windows during the process. The more intricate the design, the longer this will take.

3M Fasara window film installation is done without removing any of your windows. You won’t deal with any drafts as your glass is transformed with window film. Since there is no need to remove the glass, film installation is a fraction of the cost of etching, frosting, and sandblasting.

Greater Design Options

Decorative 3M Fasara Design

3M Fasara film provides more options for decoration. Sandblasting designs are usually simple, since the complicated process makes details hard to manage. At NuVision, we can create a completely custom film for your windows from nearly 50 designs.

Since the sandblasting process is tough on glass, certain design options are impossible without sacrificing the integrity of the glass. Temperature changes, especially the extreme hot and cold common in Wisconsin, can cause the weakened glass to break. Decorative film does not damage the glass it is applied to.

Window films are available in multiple colors for greater design customization. Etched and sandblasted glass will appear as one uniform color. Learn more about our custom decorative window film options.

Window Cleaning and Maintenance

Etched glass is hard to clean because the surface absorbs oils. This makes it hard to maintain, as oil left after touching the glass can cause the etching to look blotchy. Window films like 3M Fasara can be cleaned with regular products like Windex. Our professional installers handle the glass cleaning before, during, and after applying the decorative film.

Changing Window Designs

Decorative Window Film in WI Restaurant

Etched and frosted windows are permanent. The only way to change the window is to replace the glass completely. This can get costly. If you have etched glass at a commercial property, you may have to pay to remove it before leasing the property to another company.

3M Fasara film can be removed and replaced with ease. You can change the design whenever you want. It is easy to remove as well, so there won’t be any expensive replacements when it’s time to move. We can reapply the 3M Fasara at your new location or create a new design.

Decorative window film is an affordable way to modernize the appearance of your commercial properties. The application of window film is faster and more affordable than brand new construction or remodeling. As the times change, your windows can easily be changed to reflect modern styles.

There are many more advantages of 3M Fasara over sandblasting your glass windows. NuVision window experts will provide you a quote to get you started on transforming your home or business with window film graphics.

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