Window Coatings Improve Your Wisconsin or Illinois Business Image

Decorative window films and coatings make regular glass go from boring to extraordinary. At NuVision, our window film experts have many different options available to Wisconsin businesses and homeowners to transform their glass into works of art.

Etched-Glass Look, Window Film Price

3M Fasara Glass Decorative Films combine Far Eastern design traditions with 21st Century technology to offer innovative new ways to manage space. When applied to glass, Fasara window films create a serene, etched-glass appearance, reminiscent of the rice paper partitions used in Japanese culture for centuries to divide interior spaces. They are easier to create than full etched-glass and sturdier than their rice paper counterparts.

Common Applications 

  • Lobbies
  • Conference Rooms
  • Retail Environments
  • Residential Settings
  • Private Offices
  • Exterior Windows
  • Glass Partitions
  • Verandas

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Economic & Innovative Window Design Solutions

At a fraction of the cost of etched-glass, Fasara films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Available in several textures which can be die-cut for highly customizable designs, Fasara films can be used to create anything from a private atmosphere to a dynamic aesthetic. Fasara comes in almost 50 patterns and options including:

  • Etched Glass
  • Frosted
  • Colored
  • Privacy
  • One Way Vision
  • Stained Glass

Among others, one of the main benefits of 3M Fasara films is the dual purpose of design and privacy. Ideal for shower doors, bathroom windows, and foyer entrances, the adhesive film quality masks the glass enough to provide privacy with class. If you own a commercial building where multiple companies are based, Fasara film is an easy way to decorate and customize each office door.

One-way mirror and perforated vinyl films are popular for making windows private. Learn more about 3M Fasara privacy window film options.

Computer Cut Vinyl Graphics for Custom Decorative Solutions

Enhance the visual impact of windows and doors while providing a cost effective alternative for acid-etched or sand-blasted glass designs. The Scotchcal ElectroCut Vinyl Film Series offers a wide range of decorative window films for architectural finishes. When installed by NuVision professionals, the completed glass will be indistinguishable from the real deal.

Choose from dusted crystal films for an authentic acid-etched look or frosted crystal film for a sandblasted look. Unlike traditional glass etching and sand blasting, Scotchcal ElectroCut Graphic Films can be removed and updated. If your company logo changes or you move to a new office, you can quickly make the necessary changes without having to order a brand new piece of glass.

These films provide extensive design versatility and allow customers to integrate corporate branding with architectural finishes. No matter how intricate your company’s logo or design, it’s easy to reproduce graphics or lettering using electronic cutting technology.

Plotter Cut Vinyl Graphics for Customization

We custom plotter-cut specific designs, vinyl films, and other decorative coatings, guaranteeing a precise cut every time. From interior partitions to lobby window décor, our computer-cut films produce the best results every time.

Adding color to your custom-cut film is also an additional option, attracting the eye to the design. There are more than 84 colors available from Solar Graphics. At NuVision, we offer the latest in design-cutting technology, giving our clients a fantastic variety of designs to choose from. There are different finishes as well, ranging from reflective to matte. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find a way to make it a reality. This includes custom patterns.

High Definition Printed Window Film

Whether internal or external glass, partitions or in-store POP, the unique incorporation of color and white in the design and print process delivers the most outstanding high impact decorative films, giving the impression of direct to glass printing without the inherent cost and longer term problems of direct print.

Other benefits of our high definition prints include:

  • 99% UV reduction
  • Hard-coated film for scratch-resistant
  • 10-year warranty for flat glass applications
  • Seamless design

The possibilities are endless with custom-printed decorative window films, making your business stand out among the rest. NuVision has the variety, the quality, and the expertise in fitting your next window film.

Sun Protection with Custom-Crafted Window Films

NuVision offers 3M Solar Control window films, applied for UV protection and light shielding. Whether you need these particular films for residential or commercial use, our decorative films fit perfectly for any window shape or design.

Our variety of solar-protective films include:

  • Solar safety films
  • Interior and exterior colored window films
  • Gradient films
  • Light-reducing medical films

These tinted window films range from blocking most light to redirecting light for better natural lighting. Ask our experts which is best for your facility.

Endless Selection of Vinyl Graphics for Windows & Doors

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so why not include beautifully crafted photos in your windows and doors? Graphics attract the eye, receiving more attention than designed font. Adding a picture or graphic positively contributes to the film design, making it far more interesting and unique. Look to NuVision for top-of-the-line window graphics and successfully promote your business today.

SOLYX Decorative Window Film

Looking for Solyx window film installation in Wisconsin? Give us a call for samples today or view the Solyx catalog online now.

Building Modernization - Exterior Building Makeovers

A building with a worn out appearance can be bad for business. First impressions matter, which is why NuVision offers building modernization through decorative window films.  An updated interior and exterior will improve your market appeal by attracting new clients, business partners, and employees. Learn more about the benefits of building modernization for your outdated offices now.

Whether you’re just looking for new decorations on a few windows or have an entire building to renovate, NuVision professionals are here to help you.

Contact decorative window film installation experts and make your storefront beautiful.

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