3M Prestige Window Film Dealers

NuVision provides expert window tinting, filming and graphics services in the Madison area. Whether it be your office or home – there is a film for your windows! We provide decorative coatings along with solar control and safety and security films. We provide window film installation services throughout Wisconsin.

Enjoy the View in the City of Four Lakes

With plenty of lakefront property, window films are necessary for homes and businesses in Madison. Glares from the water can be blinding, ruining the view and causing headaches. UV light from the sun is reflected into buildings as well, causing furniture to fade over time. Tinted windows from NuVision preserve the view while blocking UV rays and intense glares from entering your home or business.

Stay Secure with Privacy Window Film Coatings

Tinted windows provide privacy to Madison businesses and residential properties. As an alternative to blinds and drapes, privacy window film lets you look out without letting others look in. Learn more about privacy window films from NuVision.

Energy Savings and Safety Window Films

The solar control films offered by NuVision do more than just reduce UV rays – they lower your energy costs! Window coatings stop sunlight from entering your home and raising the temperature during the day, meaning you won’t have to turn up the air conditioning during summer. In winter, film will stop drafts coming through the window.

Safety coatings will protect your windows during severe weather, accidents, and break-ins. 3M Security film holds the glass together so it doesn’t shatter. Tinted options will block prying eyes from seeing your valuables without having to draw blinds or curtains.

Building Modernization without Construction

Many historical and cultural centers also benefit from the unobtrusive nature of our window films. We can modernize historic properties without construction by applying window film. These neutral films reduce harmful UV rays while maintaining the appearance of the building. There’s no need to install blinds or curtains when you have the professional window film installers of NuVision.

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